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Propecia 5mg for hair loss ? I am currently on the Propecia 5mg and I have 3o months to go now on the 5mg. I am hoping that will soon be with my hair back to the thickness that i like to get back from before i had it thinned down by my hair cutters. Do any propecia for sale canada of our users have experience with this product? Is there any other thing i should be giving it a try with being hair loss treatment for me? Thanks anon179878 Post 24 I have already tried this product and I do not get the change I have expected. What do to do? anon178074 Post 23 I'm on Propecia 3mg, I started with the first application about 6 months ago, I have a few changes and one really big change but overall I am not happy yet. seeing small lightening spots which I have never seen before. also been bleeding from the side that has a pimple had blood clot that been there for about a week. It's been quite tough. There is a little skin growth but not as much I expected. Do need to start again from scratch? Does it have any side effects? I heard the doctor has a protocol they use for this but I have not followed it yet, my question is; are there side effects that I have heard on the internet? If so, are they the same as usual? anon174668 Post 22 I have gone off the Propecia as of July 2nd and have been on low-dose Estroflex, my acne for several months now and the pimples have all lightened but the hair itself has not. How do I know if my pimples has started decreasing? anon174668 Post 21 I have a question for all of you. I just started using this Propecia, and I have noticed that my hair is a lot thinner. this side effect? anon174576 Post 20 As of October 2nd, 2013 I am now using Propecia 5mg. It has always been my experience that, if I take the drug for more than a week or propecia 1mg for hair loss two, with this 5mg Propecia, that my hair falls out. So I have been doing that. With this drug, I have started losing my hair, thinning and dying it a little. My doctor has seen no hair loss yet with Propecia 5mg. In October-November, I stopped taking this drug. A year ago, I took Propecia 5mg for three months, this time I kept it for only four. I have no problems with my hair, only dryness. Will this medication stay inside my body and make it grow back faster if is taken for more than a week or two not? Anon172941 Post 19 i take this stuff every day.

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